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4.2 ( 3872 ratings )
Utvecklare: Andre Silva
2.99 USD

I present you the most beautiful app to watch your favourite IPTV playlist in the new Apple TV.

- Multi playlists
- Search for channels in all playlists
- Favourites
- Favourites reorder
- Channel preview (Must be enabled in settings)
- Automatic find channels logos using channel name
- Full Electronic Program Guide support
- Easy to use and simple interface
- Supports most of the iptv playlists
- Based on VLC and Apple player (supports most of the stream codecs)
- Supports EPG urls with gzip content
- Supports multiple audio/subtitles tracks

How to Use:
* Add your m3u playlist url and the app will find channel logos for you. If you want you can use the tag "tvg-logo" to set a logo in your playlist

* To match a channel with your EPG file the channel entry in the m3u playlist should have the same id in "tvg-id" tag.

**************MORE FEATURES SOON.**************

Disclaimer: I dont provide and i cant provide streams for you. If youre not used to IPTV playlists maybe this kind of app is not for you...

sorry but i dont reply to emails asking for playlists. i just dont have playlists to share.

if you have problems with the app send me an email to: