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Don’t work on my apple tv4

Thank you for amazing update but you have error in IMDb for VOD, it is making same picture for so many movies. 1- if you can fix IMDb and connect subtitles website like App “infuse” 2- let the app to read time shift in m3u file 3- give us an option to add custom logos on NAS drive or website in setting 4- if the app can give us a summary for new channels which is added after update like www-IPTV-EPG.com If This options is add it it will be the best software

Best app for iptv but no update and response from developer. Automatic find channels logos using channel name is not working. Please add Vod video pause and play feature.

very nice app , missing one starts because we need it on APPLE TV ;), keep going

Hi, I think your app is good, if you make some improvements it would be great. It is difficult to watch vod movies and videos because I can't pause and play when a video starts. Will you please add find future for channels? I have an issue about custom logo. I'm searching for logo but I couldn't see the images of logos. I don't know if your app or my ip tv service provide the logos. It was working well before, now it's not working.

Congrats on the app. One of the best for IPTV, but could use a few improvements. - Ability to clear cache to prevent stuttering - A working video preview option Keep up the great work!

Hi, congratulations for the app. I agree, it's the most beautiful iptv app for the Apple TV 4. Just some suggestions: - Including list by m3u file - Offering EPG service automatically. Some bug: Some EPG url, doesn't work in app. It could be a bug of your app, bearing in mind that same EPG url works perfectly in GSE for instance. Regards


I purchased the app and it won’t even let me use it how do I get my money back?

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